Private Browsing is by Appointment only! It is $100 minimum at our Private Showroom! Please read info below before booking!


FREE per person



About this experience

We are implementing an appointment only system to browse at our brand new Private Show Room in Downtown Los Angeles.

There are certain prerequisites that we are asking you to follow:

There is a $100 minimum for the Private Showroom digging.

You get up to two hours to dig and One on One Experience with Us and tons of recommendations from Ed and Kate if desired.

Two friends can come together maximum for the two-hour appointment.

Free Refreshment Drinks, Coffee and Tea will be included also upon request.

There is a very strict NO PHONE OR CAMERAS policy at the showroom.

We will ask you to disconnect for two hours while you spent your and our time with music and records. Emergency, urgent calls will be allowed outside the Show Room behind the closed door.

The appointment has no fee to book and absolutely free, but we kindly ask to cancel it and let us know if you can't make it to the scheduled time!

We are here for you if you have any questions!

IG - @stellarremnant

"Turn Your Hard Earned $$ Into Music"