12" - Albert Van Abbe  - Vanabbe 02

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Albert Van Abbe - Vanabbe 02

$ 10.00 $ 15.00
  • Format: 12" 
  • Label: Vanabbe
  • Catalog #: VANABBE02 
  • Released: 2015 
"After minting his own new label, Vanabbe, in 2014, Eindhoven‰۪s Albert van Abbe is back with a second EP this spring. Featuring three vinyl only tracks, it follows on from the opener in idiosyncratic style and is another fine offering from a man who has been involved in many different projects over the years. Up first, ‰Û÷Official 01‰۪ is a paranoid techno cut with thin metal percussion, manic and hypnotic bleeps and a growing sense of tension. Bleak and abstract, it is a freaky cut that will make dance floors stomp like zombies. ‰Û÷Official 02‰۪ is a slower, less hurried cut with searchlight like synths panning the horizon, crackling static littering the airwaves and spooky pads all lending it a sparse, post apocalyptic feel. Lastly, howling winds and isolated drone synths rise and fall on ambient closer ‰Û÷Official 03‰۪, which sounds like the last dying embers of some distance universe. Van Abbe is on a roll here, and is truly conjuring up his very own sound worlds."

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