12" - Clay Wilson - Skandha - The Bunker New York 014

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Clay Wilson - Skandha

$ 10.00 $ 14.00
  • Format: 12" 
  • Label: The Bunker New York
  • Catalog #: BK014 
  • Released: 2015 
  • Genre: techno 
  • Notes: Sealed 

"The stage is set from minute one on Clay Wilson's new 4-track EP, "Skandha," his second release for The Bunker New York. "I've never been into really straightforward club techno that works in neat 8- and 16-bar sequences," he says. "I'm always looking for things that have forward momentum, ways to escape that 'block-y,' downbeat-centric feeling that you find in so much contemporary techno. For me, it's the drone‰ÛÓwhat's going on in the background‰ÛÓthat serves to hold my interest."

While at times the drawn-out shimmering tones in Wilson's work may recall modern minimalism, "getting into techno, and more specifically techno production, was kind of a way for me to get away from [formal, classical musical] training," he recalls. "I had been headed down an open-minded, anything-goes path with a compositionally-geared approach, and ‰Û_ all those paths led to techno." And for that, we're glad."

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