12" - Gesloten Cirkel - Untitled - M012

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Gesloten Cirkel - Untitled (M-012)

$ 15.00
  • Format: 12" Repress 2017
  • Label: Murder Capital
  • Catalog #: M012 
  • Released: 2015 
"Gesloten Cirkel‰۪s double strike on Murder Capital is a much-awaited move after the artist‰۪såÊelectrifying albumå?ÛÏSubmit X‰۝ last year.åÊTwo heavy piecesåÊof ‰Û÷untitled‰۪ vinyl, again appearing onåÊthe same Viewlexx offshoot, contain six floor-shakersåÊsigned by Ratsnake the man.åÊ'Chasing Away The Night' offers ten minutes of captivating syntho-dance and it‰۪s either a remix or mashup of 'Heteronomous', a Jacob Korn and Sneaker track from 2012. 'Charming', aåÊtoxicåÊdisco cut with wrenched bass lines,åÊisåÊunder theåÊinfluence of Green Velvet‰۪s abduction theories and the story closes with jacking 'Perron'. "

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