3x12" - In Aeternam Vale - Pink Flamingos (Dement3d  / DM3D013)

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In Aeternam Vale - Pink Flamingos

$ 35.00
  • Format: 3x12" 
  • Label: Dement3d
  • Catalog #: DM3D013 
  • Released: 2016 
  • Genre: techno experimental  

In ̠ternam Vale, long the best-kept secret of the french synth punk scene, has been revealed many times now. This is about writing a new chapter of that 33+ years story, that begun in Lyon in 1983 as a band, whose leader Laurent Prot - an electronics pioneer and maniac - took over as a solo act since 1985. This new album (3xLP gatefold actually) explores another side of 'IAV', that echoes how Laurent sounds now - a ferocious take on techno, post-punk rhythmic elements, and drone soundscapes, planted with unrestrained improvisation, and getting closure with a song time after time.

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