12" - L/F/D/M - M Is A Shape - Ecstatic 008

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L/F/D/M - M Is A Shape

$ 16.00
  • Format: 12" WHITE VINYL
  • Label: Ecstatic
  • Catalog #: ELP008 
  • Released: 2015 

"Ecstatic welcomes L/F/D/M to the fold with his debut record 'M Is a Shape'. L/F/D/M is London-based producer Richard Smith. L/F/D/M first emerged in 2013, inaugurating the Optimo Trax series with the 'Purple Maps EP'. In 2014, he teamed up with Factory Floor's Dominic Butler to release two EPs of hardware-driven atonal techno on Powell's Diagonal Records. 'M Is a Shape' bristles with cloudy, industrial, stripped-down acid/techno, landing somewhere between Berghain, the warehouse sound of the late '90s and the caustic spirit of EBM."

Richard Smith: "The title comes from a time when I was producing all these collages, abstracting a theme, trying to get it down to the perfect motif, the perfect shape that summed up exactly what I'm trying to get across and then just when I got there, I kinda stepped back and was like; oh it's just a fucking M! The same M that if I had looked at it a month before I would have perhaps only saw the letter and not the shape, that always interested me; the starting point at where you come to an image, one day something can just really catch you off-guard.""

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