2x12" - Marco Shuttle ‰Û_- Visione - Eerie 01

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Marco Shuttle - Visione

$ 24.00
  • Format: 2x12" 180G VINYL
  • Label: Eerie
  • Catalog #: EELP01 
  • Released: 2014 
  • Genre: TECHNO 

"Marco Shuttle's first solo album 'Visione' on his Eerie label. 'Visione' is a cohesive and compact work, which draws on Shuttle's design background to unfold an audio narrative with a strong aesthetic approach. With a more abstract sound than his club-focused records, 'Visione' retains a cinematic scope while maintaining a common texture of sound throughout the tracks: the detailed productions were created with mainly analogue equipment with meticulously modulated oscillators, creating tracks that are by turns psychedelic, cosmic and sinister. Opening track 'The Chaos...' features a guest appearance from Donato Dozzy, with whom Shuttle recently unveiled the collaborative project Anxur, with a separate EP (EE06) from the duo preceding the album on Eerie. That track aside, this is very much a personal statement from Shuttle who drew inspiration from Krautrock, 70's psychedelic electronica, musique concrete, and norwegian avant garde jazz to mention a few. "

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