ACR002 - Natan H - Atmosphere - 12"

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Natan H - Atmosphere (in 5)

$ 10.00 $ 12.00
  • Format: 12" 
  • Label: Acid Camp
  • Catalog #: ACR002 
  • Released: 2017 
  • Genre: acid 

Acid Camp Records is rolling through again, this time with an artist known for his atmospheric and cosmic-oriented tracks, Natan H. Conveying inspiration for this record ‰ÛÓ "Just a little nod to extrasensory experiences and perception" ‰ÛÓ is undoubtedly fitting for ACR‰۪s second release.

The opening track "Atmosphere" begins with layers of time signatures working in tandem. As the track pushes forward, the off-kilter drums grow towards a heavier climax. Followed up with a remix from techno serialist, Conforce. Through the use of filters, polyrhythms, and kinetic programming, Conforce lays a blueprint for driving techno. ‰ÛÏRemote View Pt. I‰۝ is an ambient break, shifting gears to take listeners to a place both ethereal and planetary. The final track, "Remote View Pt. II", again breaks away from traditional timing by tracing layers of hi-hats, delayed strings and synths that alternate throughout the arrangement in syncopation.

"This record definitely takes a bit more of a layered approach," ‰ÛÓ Natan H offers us yet another unique, immersive, and charismatic release for Acid Camp Records.


  1. A1. Atmosphere (In 5)
  2. A2. Atmosphere (In 5) (Conforce Remix)
  3. B1. Remote View Pt. I
  4. B2. Remote View Pt. II