ACR002 - Natan H - Atmosphere - 12"

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Natan H - Atmosphere (in 5)

$ 10.00 $ 12.00
  • Format: 12" 
  • Label: Acid Camp
  • Catalog #: ACR002 
  • Released: 2017 
  • Genre: acid 

Acid Camp Records is rolling through again, this time with an artist known for his atmospheric and cosmic-oriented tracks, Natan H. Conveying inspiration for this record — "Just a little nod to extrasensory experiences and perception" — is undoubtedly fitting for ACR’s second release.

The opening track "Atmosphere" begins with layers of time signatures working in tandem. As the track pushes forward, the off-kilter drums grow towards a heavier climax. Followed up with a remix from techno serialist, Conforce. Through the use of filters, polyrhythms, and kinetic programming, Conforce lays a blueprint for driving techno. “Remote View Pt. I” is an ambient break, shifting gears to take listeners to a place both ethereal and planetary. The final track, "Remote View Pt. II", again breaks away from traditional timing by tracing layers of hi-hats, delayed strings and synths that alternate throughout the arrangement in syncopation.

"This record definitely takes a bit more of a layered approach," — Natan H offers us yet another unique, immersive, and charismatic release for Acid Camp Records.


  1. A1. Atmosphere (In 5)
  2. A2. Atmosphere (In 5) (Conforce Remix)
  3. B1. Remote View Pt. I
  4. B2. Remote View Pt. II