12" - WK7 - Washer

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WK7 - Washer

$ 12.00 $ 15.00
  • Format: 12" 
  • Label: Power House
  • Catalog #: PH707 
  • Released: 2015 
  • Genre: HOUSE TECHNO 

"Keeping up with Rene 'Shed' Pawlowitz's many aliases is almost a full-time job in itself. Here, he dons the WK7 guise last used in 2012 for an EP that happily joins the dots between the sensual shuffle of house, and the rigid thump of techno. A-side "Washer" leads the way, with curious synth refrains and off-kilter electronics riding a delightfully bumpin', extra-percussive, 125 BPM groove. Flipside "More Music" successfully doffs a cap to vintage US and UK garage - feel the swing of those beats, with the added intensity of his usual techno kicks - with warm chords and vocal samples emphasizing the classic inspirations."

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